Pimentel, Peru


Pimentel is a small fishing village in northern Peru with a beach that is popular with the locals. The primary activity in Pimentel is fishing. Most of the fishermen live in an area called Alto Peru which is at the south end of town close to the ocean.


The fishermen use reed boats, or caballitos de totora, are the most common method of fishing. Each morning, as long as the weather conditions permit, the fishermen leave after sunrise. They return around 3 p.m. and their families either take the fish to a market, or sell them right on the beach.


Catholocism is the default religion of the people. Even if they do not attend church or follow its beliefs, they still consider themselves Catholic. It has been very difficult to establish an evangelical Christian church in the town, and the Lipmans have faced much persecution because of it.


The breakfast program is primarily targeted at the children. The children of Alto Peru are very friendly and want to be a part of everything. When they are young, they are ready to be taught and hear the gospel. However, family pressures, even from grandparents, pull the kids away from church and into the traditional lifestyle which includes a lot of parties and very much alcohol.


Pimentel is not what one would consider beautiful, but once you get to know the area and the people you can't help but fall in love with the people and the culture. The need is very great, and the Lipmans are following God in planting a church, helping the people, and feeding the children.