Special Projects


Special Projects


Changed By Love has regular operating expenses that are repeated month after month. These include utilities, food for the breakfast program, and other regular ministry needs. These special projects are one-time expenses to meet a specific need.



The ministry is in need of a well on the property. It is impossible to feed 80 children without water. Water is needed in food preparation as well as clean-up. Many of the children come from homes that do not have toilets, so they use the facilities at the comedor.


Water becomes unavailable for days at a time, several times each year. The new comedor building has a large storage resevoir, but that runs dry before water is available again. Church families come to get water from Changed By Love when it is not available from the city.


A well will make CLEAN water available year-round. Even when city water is available, it is not safe drinking water, but it is all that is available. The families in the neighborhood cannot afford the necessary filters. If Changed By Love had a well, it would not only meet the needs of the ministry, but it would be able to reach out to others in the neighborhood to provide clean, safe drinking water.



Through the blessings of many of our supporters a second floor has been added to the comedor building. There are still some classrooms that have not been finished. We need additional bricks, concrete for the ceiling and floor, windows, doors, and interior walls. We also need the labor to complete this construction.


If you can give to either of these special projects, please visit our donations page. Any donation for a project will only be used for that purpose. Thank you for your faithfulness!